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Zenith Sansar

Our Aim

Today, what multinational companies does in the market is, they simply invest lots of money to develop their customer base. They use all high paid medium to represent their self like TV add, NEWS paper add and they pay good amount in their network like manufacturer to state distributor to city distributer, retailer and then you. This all process makes the costing of product almost double. And when you purchase a product you don’t have any profit from expense that company made.

We want to develop our customer base with our new and unique business plan. When we will have a good number of customers in a city then we will dive in all fields of daily useful products. For example when we will have at least 1000 members in a city we will develop Medical store, pathology, Gym, Super market etc .The list is not over yet… many more things will come in future by the time. But things we mentioned above will start in few days and you may have the privileged and credit of starting it in your city.

With our business plan we are doing same thing like other multinational company do but in a different fashion. We are spending very little money in advertisement and we don’t have any distributer-retailer network to expense on. Thus, what we are saving through our medium, distributing it in our members directly. And some part of money will go to "Members Relief Fund". This money will be used to help our member’s family in days of crisis.

We will give our member a good life style where member may give his child a good education, best hospital facility for parents, best house hold for companion and FMCG products for whole family. And not only this, everything what a good life requires is at your doorstep. And we will request our member just a simple thing to do, is always buy product through us and motivate other to do same because by this you are helping yourself to improve. And this family will stand by you forever. Remember ”saving lose is also a profit“. We are Zenith about what we are doing and we want make every Indian an Zenith by thinking the same way we are thinking.

So, be an Zenith, join our family.
If you born poor, its not your mistake,
But if you Die poor, its your mistake...!